Champions League / PSG’s notes against Juventus: Kylian Mbappé bright, Carlos Soler in the dark

Gianluigi Donnarumma: 4.5

For a long time, the Turin attempts spun next to its uprights… but the first shot on target hit the mark. Too short, the Parisian goalkeeper did not deflect the ball enough after Juan Cuadrado’s header and saw Leonardo Bonucci equalize from close range (39th). It was not imperial then, between a failed intervention on a center (58th) and a badly dismissed ball on a long shot (73rd).

  • In short : We have already seen “Gigio” more reassuring.

Champions League

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Ashraf Hakimi: 5

The Bianconeri have often passed through his corridor, and it is no coincidence. The Moroccan international left a lot of space behind his back and sometimes put himself in danger on his own, like an avoidable ball loss (31st). However, there are several very incisive climbs, especially during the second act.

  • In short : True to form, both positive and negative.

Marquinhos: 6.5

His monstrous return in front of Fabio Miretti, countered in extremis thanks to a furious tackle, is almost worth a goal (34th). This gesture set the tone for the performance of the PSG captain, impeccable in his interventions and never caught out by the opposing attackers.

  • In short : A boss match.

Sergio Ramos: 5

Less sovereign than his hinge sidekick, he could have received a warning after a gross foul on Arkadiusz Milik (34th). Strong in the duels, he showed himself offensively by unleashing a powerful strike which forced Wojciech Szczesny to intervene (66th).

  • In short : Solid, nothing more.

John Bernat: 4

Put to the test by a very restless Juan Cuadrado, he initially mastered his vis-à-vis rather well. But the Spanish side made a mistake with serious consequences by being surprised behind his back by the Colombian on the action of the equalizer. His offensive climbs have also been extremely rare.

  • In short : Not impeccable defensively, too discreet in front.

Replaced by Nuno Mendes (68th)who restored the advantage to Paris on his first ball (69th).

Vitinha (PSG) against Nicolo Fagioli (Juventus)

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Vitinha: 5

There was good – the recovery at the origin of the opener (13th) – and less good – some dangerous ball losses – in the performance of the Portuguese. His high volume of play has generally done his team good, especially in periods of Turin domination.

  • In short : He would benefit from sometimes taking a little less risk.

Marco Veratti: 6

He multiplied to help his defense when Juve pressed and was inspired in the use of leather, with the exception of a loss of ball which could have been very expensive (34th). His high recoveries and his climbs allowed his people to settle in the Turin camp. Warned at the end of the match for a foul on Filip Kostic (85th).

Replaced by Danilo Pereira (88th).

  • In short : The best Parisian environment, as very often.

Fabian Ruiz: not rated

Author of a complicated start to the match, marked by several ball losses and difficulties in framing Filip Kostic on the right wing, he left the field after about twenty minutes of play. he.

Replaced by Renato Sanches (21st).

“For Paris, City and Real are absolutely to be avoided”

Renato Sanches: 4

He clearly did not start his match when he entered the game. Until the break, the 2016 European champion missed everything, or almost. Even more annoying, he didn’t make the necessary effort to help Hakimi keep the lane straight. Things went a little better when they got back from the locker room but, overall, the ex-Lillois was too neutral.

  • In short : We are entitled to expect much more from him.

Carlos Soler: 3

Aligned in place of Neymar (suspended), he was completely invisible in the first period, touching a starving number of balls. Not stingy with effort, the Iberian was certainly found more after the break. Often too far from the opposing goal, however, he never managed to create danger, either through the pass or through the strike.

  • In short : We obviously do not expect him to make Neymar forget. But there, it is he who has been forgotten.

Replaced by Hugo Ekitike (68th).

Carlos Soler against Juan Cuadrado.

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Lionel Messi: 6

Little used during an early game to the advantage of the locals, he did not hesitate to go down in order to fit into the passing circuits. A passer for Kylian Mbappé on the first goal, the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner got a very good chance (33rd) and was very fair in everything he did.

  • In short : Not his glitziest copy of the season, but perhaps one of the cleanest.

Kylian Mbappe: 7

Two inspirations, two goals: once again, the native of Bondy was the great architect of the success of his people. He first unblocked the situation after a high-class sequence, a subtle blend of power, speed of execution and precision (13th). Very mobile and available, he posed a permanent threat to the Piedmontese goal (30th, 60th) and put Nuno Mendes in orbit with a perfectly measured through pass.
  • In short : Simply pro work.

Champions League

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Champions League

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