“I’ve seen liars, but there…”: Booba accused by Magali Berdah on BFMTV of having broadcast fake sextapes of her, he reacts (VIDEO)

With tears in her eyes and a lump in her throat, Magali Berdah testifying to the cyberbullying of which she is the victim “for eight months“because of Booba on BFMTV at the end of the afternoon this Friday, January 20, 2023.”It really destroyed my life. We have no more life! When you open your phone, you get insulted, you open the Internet, you see your address broadcast, you have to move. The phone number that’s being broadcast, fake sex tapes where I have to explain to my kids and show them the real video to show them their mom didn’t do this. It’s humiliating ! (…) You don’t dare go out anymore, because people spit on you. (…) I moved my offices, he broadcast a video of my new offices the next day, when I hadn’t even broadcast to the registry yet. I am in France while he is in the United States. All this must stop, it is no longer possible. Yes, I thought about suicide“, she said. In addition to receiving death threats of incredible violence from anonymous Internet users, Magali Berdah suggested that Booba was recruiting people to obtain private audio messages from her. who then end up on Booba’s Twitter account, in public. Indeed, in recent hours, the rapper has again unveiled private audios of the influencer manager. “There are people who have been arrested, who are taken back to the criminal court for attempted aggravated blackmail“, she said on the set of BFMTV.

Quickly, the artist reacted to the accusations on his Twitter account: “‘We don’t dare go out anymore’. I’ve seen liars, but frankly, there, it’s strong. I never aired anything. One more lie. (…) As soon as Magali Berdah loses face, loses judgment or is unmasked, her crisis communication team finds her a TV or a media outlet so she can go cry and accuse rapper Booba of cyber harassment. She makes a diversion but it’s almost time“. In a video filmed in the car (see below, editor’s note), he adds: “Me, I don’t threaten anyone with death, I don’t send anyone“. If he continues to tweet en masse about Magali Berdah, Booba believes that the latter is simply pursuing a strategy, that of posing as a victim of cyberbullying in the media. Booba has also shared excerpts of TV shows from 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 showing that the manager of influencers has complained about cyberbullying every year, and not since “eight months“only as she said on BFMTV. For the rapper, this is new proof that Magali Berdah would try to hide her legal troubles by highlighting her fight against online harassment. In her video posted this Friday, January 20, Booba accuses his new enemy of having defrauded a man over a hundred years old, and affirms: “You’re going to sink soon, you owe two million, and that’s nothing compared to what’s happening. You know you’re guilty, you never talk about your 2019 scam…“.

Hugo Mallais

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