Nick Kyrgios moans a lot but comes out in five sets in the first round at Wimbledon

By dint of complaining about everything, the grass, the spectators, the linesmen or his clan, and often anything, Nick Kyrgios has sometimes forgotten to play tennis and almost took the door as soon as he entered the competition. at Wimbledon. Tuesday in the first round, against British guest Paul Jubb, 219th in the world, the Australian saved three break points at the start of the decisive set, then a fourth at 5-5, before finally getting out (3- 6, 6-1, 7-5, 6-7, 7-5) after 3:05 of a match marked more by his escapades than his level of play.

“Has anyone paid to see her speak? Nobody. I know you have fans, but she has none.”

Nick Kyrgios on a linesman

Every set, or almost, was an opportunity for Kyrgios to complain. First from a line judge, who had had the misfortune to slip a word to the chair umpire, Marija Cicak, at 2-2. “Has anyone paid to see her speak? Nobody. I know you have fans, but she has none.”launched the 40th in the world at Cicak, before putting it back in the next round after a bad announcement from the same linesman, ” the worst “ that he has, he says, ” never seen “ : “Do you have something against me?” » Then he generalized to all the linesmen in the match: “These people are over 90, they can’t see the ball. »

Then it was the turn of the spectators, it is true quite turbulent as soon as Kyrgios sets foot on a tennis court. The Aussie enjoys craziness in the stands, except when it’s directed at him, like when a fan cheers for his first serve into the net. ” What is that ? »he was impatient with Cicak who could not help laughing, before “Kygs” asked that the culprit be excluded from the stadium: “They are there to watch us play. They have no right to do that, it’s pure disrespect. You don’t accept two logos on a cap, but the disrespect of the spectators is okay. Where is the limit ? »

“Stop watering the lawn! Why is it so slow? There should be no grass rallies, stop slowing it down”

Last episode, the grass, whose quality and speed do not suit him at all: “Why is it so slow? It’s grass. Stop watering the lawn, stop making it so slow! Why is it so slow? There shouldn’t be grass rallies, stop slowing it down, my god. »

A bit of tennis despite everything

In the midst of this wailing salad, Kyrgios blew hot, rarely, and cold, often, which allowed Paul Jubb to pocket the first set and then equalize in two sets everywhere thanks to a tie-break better manage emotionally than his opponent. Kyrgios saved two break points at the start of the decisive set, then a third at 2-2 before succeeding in the break that we imagined would be decisive. It was without counting this commitment completely redacted at 5-3.

An ace on break point allowed him to avoid disaster at 5-5 before finally taking advantage of several forehand faults from Jubb to win without shining. A qualification in the second round celebrated by … a spit towards the spectators.

“It was incredibly tough, he had nothing to lose, he took advantage of the moment and played exceptional tennis at times, observed Kyrgios on Court 3 after the game. There are guys in the stands who weren’t afraid to criticize me, this victory is for you, you will recognize yourself. » And when asked if he was considering retraining as a consultant, given his ability to comment on everything in the field, he said: If they pay me enough, I will. »

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