“Madness”: Évelyne Dhéliat already shocked in 2014 by the alarmist weather forecasts for 2050

The alarmist forecasts by Evelyne Dhéliat resurface. Even if she had predicted that it would take place in 2050, the times we are currently going through make us wonder.

A premonitory forecast

In 2014, Evelyne Dhéliat predicted a sharp rise in temperature for August 18, 2050. The most amazing thing about this story is that if this forecast had been presented to us for tomorrow, we would believe it.

The temperature map displayed that day strangely sticks to what we are experiencing today. This explains the fact that this is all the rage right now. One would almost believe that the bulletin of Évelyne Dhéliat dated 2014 had a premonitory character.

Mercury visibly struggling to come down lately. Temperatures remain high. And this, even if the orange heat wave vigilance was lifted in various regions.

Indeed, 13 French departments launched an alert on July 25, 2022. That would have been enough for many Internet users to draw an unexpected parallel. The heat wave that we are currently going through looks very similar to the one announced by Évelyne Dhéliat in 2014.

This curious weather report went viral. It seems that fiction is being overtaken by reality. If we look closer, the temperatures predicted by Évelyne Dhéliat in 2014 are not so far from those of August 2022.

It’s been a long time since we heard about the global warming, but here we are in 2022 and not in 2050! The presenter also deplores that “40 degrees are becoming commonplace”.

“We pulverized these forecasts more than thirty years in advance, on June 28, 2019 with certified and authentic temperatures. It had never been so hot in France, it was an absolute record. In Vérargues, in the Hérault, it was 46° that day,” recalls Évelyne Dhéliat.

A presenter close to her community

The new generation of journalists has chosen to highlight the climate emergency by sensationalizing. This is not the case of our dear Évelyne Dhéliat. The latter favors information. For the weather presenter, it is the scientists who have the role of whistleblowers.

Not so long ago, Évelyne Dhéliat joined Twitter in order to get closer to his community. It is not so rare to see her answering questions from Internet users. The weather presenter of the first channel also considers this Twitter account as a kind of ” extension of the TF1 weather report “.

Évelyne Dhéliat on the start

Évelyne Dhéliat is one of the essential faces of the French audiovisual park. This is explained by the fact that the journalist left her mark on the newsletter. The one who is at the twilight of her audiovisual career can be proud of the work she has accomplished. It will also be difficult for TF1 to replace it in the hearts of viewers.

A sure thing. the departure of Evelyne Dhéliat of TF1 would be similar in many respects to that of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. As everything has an end, it would be necessary to get used to it one day or another. Especially since in 2019, the weather presenter told us that she is in the process of fight disease. She has had cancer for ten years.

Évelyne Dhéliat talks about her state of health

Evelyne Dheliat no longer makes a secret of his state of health. And this, even if at the beginning, she hoped that her absence would not be felt on television. The 74-year-old journalist also confided in the columns of our colleagues from the magazine Télé-Loisirs.

“At the time, I told myself that it was not worth talking about and that it might go unnoticed. I was operated on and I had heavy treatments. People started wondering why I wasn’t there. So I decided to say it. I came back, I had a wig. It was difficult for me to live all that. “, she confided in 2019.

Despite everything, Évelyne Dhéliat tries to be reassuring. The favorite weather presenter of the French tries somehow to live normally. The good news is that she is currently in remission even though she must continue his medical checks.

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