The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle game review

After an expansion that left players a little hungry, Zenimax and Bethesda have released a brand new adventure that takes us, this time, to the Bretons with The Elder Scroll Online: High Isle expansion. Is this new adventure worth the detour? Does a warming feeling arise? Discover our test without delay!

The companions (non-player characters who help the player) had been talked about and well; Zenimax has understood this well since High Isle allows you to unlock two new ones: Ember the Khajiit witch and Isobel Véloise, the Breton knight.

The two quests to obtain them are very interesting and take advantage of totally different atmospheres. Braise will look like a rebel and, being a street child, she will be an excellent partner in crime to satisfy your vices. While Isobel, on the other hand, will be much straighter with an inspiring personality. Depending on your style of play, you will have to turn to one of them, because Braise doesn’t like trips that are too quiet and Isobel can’t stand deviance. These two questlines are undeniably the highlights of the expansion, as they offer new stories and bond with your companions.

Like Brotherhood, they can accompany you absolutely everywhere, whether in dungeons or in trials. The desire to optimize them, to test new skills or to bring your personal touch to customization is present. The idea of ​​sharing the adventure and the discovery of Île-Haute, the new region, with these two characters is naturally done as if we were playing with human players.. We are forced to note that their quests as well as their presence are invigorating, because they each have their own humor and can at times make you smile thanks to the different comments they can make. It is therefore important to salute the care taken in the development of these two characters, which is good news for future additions to the game!

It’s duel time!

Games within a game are really facets that players appreciate, we could notice it with the Gwent on The Witcher III for example. These small game modes are not popular with all players, but have the merit of bringing a rather different dimension to the title on which you are playing.

With High Isle, also has his own named deck of cards Tales of Glory. Despite the name, the rules are quite simple to understand and a game or two allows you to master the rules”’. Even without being a fan of card games, one can find a certain pleasure in playing it between two quests. Tales of Glory is a collectible card game with a more or less frantic pace because everything depends, in fact, on your opponent. You will need to build your hand as the game progresses and earn prestige points to claim victory.

The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle: Do the Bretons really make us travel?

Whether you are fearless or reserved, it will always be possible to face NPCs as well as players in PvP to climb the rankings. It must be said, this card game is not used to advance in the main story, but is intended to be a rather unique way to relax. On the other hand, you can earn nice rewards like recipes, gold, consumables, cosmetics and much more. So yes, you pass the time in the gaming room, but while using your neurons! This card game offers a very original style of play that contrasts with what we have seen in other titles, which allowed us to give ourselves to our heart’s content on developing strategies to win a few victories. Also note that it is not affected by a micro-transaction system: you simply earn content by playing, and no exchange or purchase of cards is possible.

The druidic heritage among the Bretons

While we thought we were spending a quiet vacation on Île-Haute, we find ourselves in the middle of a political conflict where conspiracies, betrayals and chaos go hand in hand. We face gentlemen and ladies everyone with a morality that makes us want to hate them. This expansion’s narrative is meant to be much more adult, and as we progress through the main quest, the problems only pile up. The Ascendants, a secret group wishing to abolish the alliances and liberate Tamriel, will very quickly come to put a spoke in your wheels and will complicate your adventure.

The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle: Do the Bretons really make us travel?

The fantasy isn’t really there, but that’s not a bad thing. In fact, having a much more serious narrative with high stakes allows us to feel more involved and the desire to know the sequence of events motivates us to finish the quests as soon as possible. Veteran players will be happy to see small plots of history correlate with the main story of TESO.

Fortunately, this extension does not shelve the ribald and very down-to-earth stories that we are used to living in this universe. You can go from a serious quest to a lighter one and that’s what makes TESO so charming. The developers put their heart into it and found the right recipe for High Isle. Depending on the pace of the players, we are convinced that the quests could take you between 30 to 40 hours of play, which is very correct for an expansion on an MMO.

The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle: Do the Bretons really make us travel?

Outside of these more adult stories, the new region is quite large and very well designed. The Mediterranean wears its most beautiful dress and the different environments will have something to dream about. Between fortresses, castles, landscapes with green nature, the jungle of Amenos and small picturesque villages, fans of medieval times will be delighted to venture to this island. The era of knights and druids is at its height and offers a lively new region. We can also enjoy ourselves in the new port city; it is easy to apprhender and you don’t get lost! The surface of Île-Haute is a great success, but there is a downside: the simplicity of quests and the ease with which opponents fall at your feet. In many ways, High Isle is well done, but we tend to walk around without worrying, without feeling the danger and we regret participating in fights that ultimately require little concentration. Shame !

A dynamic open world

We won’t teach you the life of an adventurer and even less the discovery of a new region, but it still seems important to come back to certain points offered by this new extension.

Within Île-Haute, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of diverse and varied activities. First, the open world comes to life with the appearance of volcanic jets that will spawn firebeasts. These events work exactly the same way as Daedra Anchors, so players won’t really be out of their element. It must be admitted that these volcanic entities are a bit of a stain in the Breton setting offered by High Isle, but the series of quests given by the druids will allow us to understand why these events take place. Let’s say that the developers manage, and fortunately, to surprise us on this subject and it is clear that they have done things intelligently and that’s good. Indeed, the more the players will be present on the playing field and the less high will be the difficulty because this one is not evolutionary, it is not new.

The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle: Do the Bretons really make us travel?

While we can feel disappointed by these world events, we still manage to find some satisfaction in fighting against the biggest bosses. Some have passive powers that will give you a hard time and this kind of challenge is fun to see on TESO. In the same vein, there are two open dungeons that are well worth the detour. They have a rather particular design that arouses curiosity with stories and legends that encourage exploration.

However, this is a fairly classic addition of content that can be seen on a good number of massively multiplayer online role-playing games, but High Isle does not stop there, because a final addition and not lesser, deserves to be underlined.

The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle: Do the Bretons really make us travel?

The Doomsail Reef Raid brings a thrilling new trial that will finally allow you to put your finest coat of arms to good use. This raid is similar to Darkwood Rockbosque and happens to be the same size as the previous chapters. Unlike the contents cited above, this game mode will appeal to players who like the challenge thanks to a Hardcore mode and the various achievements to be won. Here, players are truly challenged and the rewards are worth having with new item sets, a never-before-seen mount, body paints, and an honorary title.

Quite boring absentees

Despite a new world, surprising activities and enticing companions, some things are still missing: the complete absence of new classes, weapons or playstyle overhauls. TESO is an MMO that could really please with weapons ever seen, especially with this great diversity of peoples and regions. We thought that the Bretons could finally bring real novelties on this side, but unfortunately this is not the case.

TESO manages to please its current community with the content it brings every summer, but veteran players need a revival to bring a breath of fresh air. It is true that balancing is important, otherwise the game would not be viable, but the lack of a new class is greatly felt.

The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle: Do the Bretons really make us travel?

Finally, let’s be clear, there is a severe lack of difficulty. Overall, this expansion is exceptional for new players., but happens to be less interesting for old players (with the exception of the raid which has the merit of being at the level). Even though the world bosses aren’t straightforward to take down, the set lacks a meaningful difficulty that should spice up players’ adventures. Again, it’s a bit of a shame!


Strong points

  • Île-Haute is well designed
  • A unique card game
  • A gripping main story
  • The Doomsail Reef raid offers a bit of a challenge

Weak points

  • Lack of change in classes
  • Veterans might run out of content quickly
  • The environment adapts to your level and everything too often lacks challenge

This new expansion perfectly juggles the epic tales of the new region and the main story of TESO. The main quest and the secondary quests complement each other to offer players stories with relevant and improbable stakes. Even if politics and seriousness are at the rendezvous, TESO always keeps its little ribald touch which can make many players smile. We are not in the situation where the content feels warmed up, there is something new and it feels good. One thinks in particular of the Récits de Glories card game which will be able to satisfy the followers of board games. Nevertheless, the ghosts of the past are resurfacing with very unfortunate oversights and veterans may feel forgotten. Most of the efforts are concentrated on new players, it is appreciable, but it does not yet allow this extension to be considered essential.


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