Thierry Olive (Love is in the meadow) at war with his family because of his darling Annie!

The M6 ​​channel recently broadcast a special program on August 8th. More specifically, as part of the celebration of “20 years of love on television”. The opportunity to see the pretty couples who have revealed themselves through the various programs. And the least we can say is that many candidates have managed to find their happiness! Thierry Olive, the essential farmer in season 7 of Love is in the meadow is one of them. Sweet Annie has indeed managed to win his heart. But their relationship did not please the man’s family!

Love is in the meadow: A program that unites hearts!

Love is in the meadow is one of the cult programs on the M6 ​​channel. A show with an original concept which quickly aroused the interest of viewers.

From its first broadcast, the producers knew that it was going to break through. Throughout the show, many love stories were born there! To name just one, for example, we discovered the controversial idyll between Thierry Olive and Annie.

These two candidates were revealed in the seventh season of Love is in the meadow. As a reminder, it was during the 2012 edition! As soon as they met, nothing was able to separate them. An attraction that is bound by the strongest connections!

Reunited during a speed-dating, the man invited the candidate to join him on his farm in Normandy. Of course, this one was in competition with another contender.

A couple that was unanimous!

And that’s how their adventure in Love Is in Pre-Season 7 began! Throughout their journey, the candidates quickly grew closer. The opportunity for Thierry to sort and choose the one he likes the most.

The competition was also tough, but his last choice came across lucky Annie ! An attraction that they concretized by a tender kiss in front of the cameras!

Since then, Olivier and Annie have become a leading couple of Love is in the meadow. Many viewers have indeed started to follow them closely! Their story has evolved and the love they feel for each other continues to grow.

So much so that the two lovebirds have decided to engage in a more official relationship. On September 14, 2012, they were declared “husband and wife”. A joyful event both for the bride and groom and for their fans. However, it turns out that others did not appreciate this union!

Love is in the meadow: Annie is not welcome in the family of Thierry Olive

In 2015, Annie L’amour est dans le pré had the privilege of granting an interview to our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs. Accompanied by her darling, Thierry Olive, she revealed the terrible Calvary that she was living with the man’s family.

The latter, which apparently is against the union of the two people. However, this did not prevent the couple from loving each other. On the contrary, their love grew stronger and stronger.

Annie admits all the same that this situation had disappointed her! “It’s a little vexing, because they welcomed me well at the start,” she began! But shortly after the wedding, her husband’s mother and brothers changed their attitude very quickly. So much so that they have lost all complicity!

“It’s a bit of a pain, but it’s their choice,” she stressed. However, remember that Love always wins. Thierry and Annie have proven it. At the time of typing these lines, the couple is still swimming in happiness! Something to delight viewers who have followed their story since Love is in the meadow!

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