Taxes 2022: these French people will be able to benefit from a free discount!

Nobody likes paying taxes. But it is an obligation that we must do every year / every month (since the deduction at source). Taxes change according to his salary. The more money you earn, the more taxes you pay. But sometimes, an event means that you find yourself without a fortune, but still with significant taxes to pay. Is it possible to not have to pay them? Yes, in certain specific situations.

Not paying taxes is possible!

The people concerned are those who are facing serious financial difficulties, without the possibility of paying taxes. Be careful though. We’re not talking about contesting your taxes. But rather to make a request to be exempted. For this, it is necessary to justify an unforeseeable and immediate loss of income (bankruptcy, separation or dismissal, for example), or a sharp increase in expenses (related to an accident, illness, etc.).

This does not apply to all taxes. For example, it is impossible to negotiate a reduction in property wealth tax or tax paid at source. On the other hand, you can hope that your application works for income tax, housing tax (if you still pay it) or property tax.

How is the request made? You need to contact your public finance center by mail. You must obviously attach to your request all the supporting documents that prove your good faith. It is advisable to file your application as soon as you receive the tax notice so as not to waste time.

Are you affected by the income tax refund?

In a press release, the Ministry of the Economy specifies in which cases a refund can take place. In the first case, the refund is made if the taxpayer registers ” expenses incurred in 2021, such as donations, home employment expenses, childcare expenses or rental investments“. All of these expenses reduce your taxes.

In a second step, the taxes are refunded if the withholding tax has been too high. It is possible, and for several reasons: This may be the case if, for example, your income has dropped and you have not reported this to the tax authorities or if you have been late in registering the birth of a child“, Bercy explains to us.

How is the refund going? In the case of the tax deduction, the amount which corresponds to ” the balance of the reductions and tax credits to which you are entitled taking into account the 60% advance which may have already been paid to you in January 2022 will be refunded to you. In the second case, if you have paid too much tax, then it is the overpayment that will be returned to you. Reimbursements are made on July 21 or August 2, depending on the files, by simple transfer. All reimbursements have therefore already taken place.

How to save money with simple tips

It is possible to save money on your taxes by fulfilling certain criteria that are too often forgotten. For example, a tax reduction exists for people who live in an Ehpad, or in an ESLD (long-term care establishment). To benefit from the tax reduction, the persons concerned must be domiciled in France for tax purposes. The administration grants a substantial reduction of 25% of the amount committed, with a limit of 10,000 euros per year.

But that’s not all. There is a possible tax reduction thanks to school fees. The tax authorities offer this reduction which applies if the child or young adult is attached to the tax household of his parents and does not receive any remuneration (no salaries, no pensions). Scholarship students allow their parent to benefit from this reduction. This is not the case for young apprentices. The reduction is fixed in this way: 61 euros for a child in college, 153 euros for a teenager in high school and 183 euros for a student.

When filling out your declaration, it is better to inquire to save money.

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